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Mental Health and Supporting Each Other - 09/11/16

A couple years ago I sat in the back of a talk listening to the person on stage discuss their struggle with depression. read more »

Containers Four Ways - 09/06/16

At one of the local meet-ups I attend containers and containerization is a relatively common topic of discussion. Google is a big advocate of containers so it probably isn’t a surprise that there are four different ways to run a container on Google Cloud Platform. read more »

Insertion Sort - 08/28/16

Insertion sort is the first sort I’m going to dive into. read more »

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Ruby Kaigi 2016 - 09/08/16

Big Data with Download Data

Gotham Ruby Conf 2016 - 06/25/16

Exploring Big Data with Download Data

Mountain West Ruby Conf 2016 - 03/21/16

Sharpening the Axe: Self Teaching for Developers

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