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UX Is In The Small Things - 04/12/18

Earlier this week I got to help host a group of girls visiting Google. They are middle school students in an after-school program focused on engineering, mathematics, and science. My role during the day was to lead computational thinking activities from CS Unplugged. Based on advice from co-workers the group completed the Error Detection and Sorting Networks activities. It was during the sorting networks activity that the kids taught me how vital even subtle parts of UI could be. read more »

Cleaning Up Time Machine Local Snapshots - 03/27/18

About a week ago my mac complained that it was running out of disk space. I deleted a bunch of old TV shows and GoPro videos and called it good. Today I went to do an external backup and saw that my drive was still full. Half an hour of investigation and I realized my 500 GB drive had 230 GB of local Time Machine backups. In fact, it was full enough that the Time Machine GUI wouldn’t start, I couldn’t run more backups, and several other basic utilities on my mac stopped working. It took about three hours of experimenting to get the backups under control and the disk back to 50% full. If you run into a similar situation here’s what worked for me. read more »

A Rubyist Learns List Comprehensions - 03/21/18

In Python list comprehensions are used in places where a Rubyists would chain methods from Enumerable. For example, if I wanted to return the squares of all multiples of three less than 50 in Ruby, I would write something like this. read more »

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